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Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm

Custom Video & Stereo Installs

Upgrade your vehicles entertainment system at Freeway Automotive. We are authorized* to install all major brands.
*To keep your manufacturer warranty on car audio/video, you must have it installed by a professional.

A/V Head Unit Installation

Looking for modern features without having to purchase a new vehicle? With the installation of an A/V Head Unit, you can benefit from all the newest tech, including in-vehicle navigation, Apple CarPlay, and more, without the price tag of a new car. The aftermarket options offer more features than the OEMs and better integration support.

For reliable features that will last the life of your vehicle, trust Freeway Auto to get the job done. Our professional install team will make sure everything is done right the first time - so you can spend your time on the road.

Buy From Us, Or Don't...

Whether you bought your new head unit from us, or from someone else in Edmonton, we're happy to be your installation shop of choice. If you do buy from us, you can expect our best product price upfront. 
the best entertainment for your family

Video System Installs/Upgrades

Upgrade your passengers’ experience with a custom video system installation or upgrade. The best part about it (besides happy passengers)? Keeping those backseat drivers entertained. And, with our Lifetime Install Warranty, the fun (and peace) are here to stay.

lifetime warranty

Our professional installation is backed by our Lifetime Installation Warranty Guarantee, meaning you’re ready to hit the road with perfect sound and video - for life.
deeper bass & crisper vocals 

Car Speaker Upgrades

Get the sound you’re looking for with a custom car speaker upgrade. The speakers that come from the factory are easily upgraded for better overall sound. If you love music or audio books, this is the best way to get better performance/volume.

Buy from us or bring your own speakers

Whether you have already bought speakers or need help finding the perfect ones, we can work with you to get your desired project outcome. We can get most car speakers within a day or two from our suppliers. And we always make sure you get the best price on your product. Price Beat Guarantee!
properly POWER YOUR System

Sub & Amp Installation

Seriously, what's better than more bass? Whether you start or finish your custom car audio project with a sub and amp doesn't matter. What does matter is professional installation to get the most out of your new car stereo.

Professional sub installation is always one of our favorite things to do. Standard installation includes proper power installation, sub box install, cable routing. amp install, basic system tuning. 

Options & Upgrades

We offer additional services for you custom amp & sub install including custom sub box building, bass knob mounting, under seat mounting, stealth installs, fiberglass work & more. All custom work is discussed ahead of project.