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Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm

Automotive Electrical Troubleshooting

I find what others miss. Stubborn electrical issue? Let me look at it and figure it out. 
Automotive Electrical

Problems We Can Solve

Troubleshooting services are provided by the hour at the shop rate. Contact us for pricing and appointment availability.

Lighting Problems

Flickering HID headlight bulbs, to troubleshooting why your signals or tail lights are not working, we do that. Custom headlight lighting upgrades available too.

Gauge Cluster Troubles

Is your instrument cluster giving your troubles? Whether its your OEM cluster or custom gauges we can make sure they are wired correctly or solve issues.

Vintage/Project Car Wiring

Restoring an old vehicle and having troubles? We can create custom harnesses and install new wiring for modern lights, etc. Limited availability. 

Stereo/Infotainment Trouble

Speakers or screens not getting power? Let Freeway Auto look at it to see what's up. We can troubleshoot to confirm whether its your electrical or the components. 

Remote Starter Troubleshooting

Trouble getting your remote starter to work properly? If it was installed at another shop we can look at it for a fee. If its from us, you get lifetime installation warranty.

Everything Else...

If it uses electricity and is in your vehicle, we will help you out. There are not too many problems we can not figure out. There's no charge if we can't though.