Christmas Special

Compustar 2way LCD Remote

Mile Range – Best Rated – Durable
Special Price $575*

2 X 2-way remotes
Up to a 3000 ft range.


Running sub-prime financing from your dealership? You’re probably using a GPS provider to help with asset tracking and payment collection help. If that’s the case:

Stop Wasting Money Installing GPS Units Inhouse

Freeway Automotive has been providing installations for dealers in Edmonton and Area for years. Our expertise means, better installs, faster installs, and lifetime warranty on workmanship (does not cover tampering). Our trained technicians and quality work means your mechanics are not stuck doing something that they were not trained to do.

Call Freeway Automotive to discuss how you can save on your overhead by using our mobile install team.

Remote Starters For Dealerships

GPS is just the beginning of what we offer dealerships. All of our services, from Alarms/starters to customer stereo installs are available to dealerships. What’s the difference?

• We come to you.
• You save time
• Better installation quality
• Better prices
• No mistakes. No wasted overhead.
• After sale support

Check out our Alarms/Starters page for more info on what we do.

Give us a shout today for a quote on all your 12 volt needs. We’d love to discuss how we can make your life easier.