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Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm

Dealership Services

Looking to outsource your dealership's automotive electrical? Smart move! On average, we save dealerships more than 30% over in-house installers*. 
*After factoring in average overhead costs, problem costs, etc. Our lifetime warranty applies to dealership partnerships as well. 
Here's Why

Freeway is a Clear Choice

We pride ourselves on our exceptional installations. That means less customer service issues. And if there ever is an issue, we take care of it under our lifetime warranty.


Lifetime Install Warranty

Our Lifetime Warranty guarantees you and your customers will never be stuck with unexpected issues or an extra bill. We know your reputation is staked on our work.

CompuStar Pro Certified

Our CompuStar Pro Certification means we’re among the best installation shops, trusted to install state-of-the-art CompuStar products.

Dealership Pricing

We offer special dealership pricing so you can get quality service at an excellent price. That means more gross in your pocket.

Evening & Weekends

Need it now to close that deal? Our dedicated team of professionals works evenings and weekends, whenever possible, to get the job done. 

Dealer Industry Expertise

Our team knows their stuff. With experience working with 100s of dealerships and performing 1,000s of installs, you’re in good hands.

2 Decades of Experience

We have been working on vehicle electronics including remote car starters, for more than 2 decades. That's experience you can trust.


Aftermarket Remote Starters

Let your mechanics do what they know best and leave the rest to us. With professional remote starter installation by FAE, you’ll save time and overhead. Not to mention, our after-sale support and Lifetime Guarantee are second to none.

We offer Dealership Pricing models to make sure you can maintain competitiveness while still making a profit. Contact our team to discuss volume pricing and available solutions for dealerships. 
*Prices listed include 1x bypass module, remote starter unit, and basic installation on automatic transmission vehicles. Our standard pricing is accurate for 80% of vehicles*.

lifetime warranty

Provide your customers with added-value when you offer professionally installed, warranty-backed remote starters. With our lifetime guarantee, you know your dealership won't have extra costs incurred if something goes wrong with our work.


Do you need asset tracking capabilities to support your financing options? At FAE, we understand that this technology is imperative to your business. If a GPS unit fails, it means a headache for you and your customer. That’s why our mobile install team ensures the job is always done right the first time. Professional installation means no issues and long term savings.
*Dealership volume pricing can save you a lot! Contact us to discuss your dealerships volume and needs for a custom pricing quote. 
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