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Our Installations are Better

You won't find us beating our chests very often but when it comes to our installations, we strive for perfection every time. Read more about our company, team members and community support.

Edmonton's Best Automotive Electronics Install Shop

In business since 2009. Freeway Automotive Electronics (FAE) specializes in all areas of vehicle electronics installations. Our highly trained staff are capable of everything from a simple GPS install to complicated custom audio/video installations, and car starter/alarm installations.

We are the preferred installation team for Fleet Management/Tracking companies including the likes of Vehicle Path, Verizon, Sage Quest and many more. Our staff have installed thousands of units in vehicles across Western Canada. Chances are, if your fleet vehicle has a GPS tracker in it, we put it there.

We also provide service to Auto Dealerships across Northern Alberta. Our services range from aftermarket starter installs to GPS tracker installs for Imetrik and Passtime clients. With advanced GPS tracking from the industry leaders in Dealership customer payment performance, you will:

  • Improve asset tracking,
  • Reduce the risk of defaulted payments.
  • Reduce repossession risks,
  • And much more...

From car starters and alarms, to fully custom stereo installs, Freeway Automotive will bring your dreams to reality. We've worked on systems and vehicles ranging from mild to wild and our highly trained technicians guarantee your install will be trouble free for life.

Freeway Automotive FAE Edmonton Office

Our Testimonials

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Fanny Cunningham
  • Mitch at Freeway Automotive did a great job installing a starter in my 2014 Honda CR-V. Competitive pricing and incredible service made this a very positive experience for me -- highly recommended! Thanks again!!

    Kevin O'Brien

  • The distance the new remote starter has for my wife's SUV is incredible. Fast, friendly service. Highly recommend Freeway Automotive.

    Lance Robson

  • Car starter works great. life saver in the Winter

    Andrew Ballantyne


1,000s of Installs Every Year

Mitch Vegso

20 years of experience working with vehicle electrical wires. The lead installer at FAE.

Susan Nguyen

Our administrator extraordinaire. When you call the office you'll connect with Susan.

That's Why We're Edmonton's Best 12V Install Team.

Everything Soldered

The biggest different between a professional install and a poorly done one is the wire connections. We solder every connection in our installs to prevent early failure.

Trusted by the Industry

Mitch frequently works directly with the remote starter manufacturers to help them with new vehicle models, or special troubleshooting. 

No Old Stock

Our remote starter prices are the most competitive in Edmonton for current model remote starters. We do not sell old, unsupported equipment ever. 

Lifetime Install Warranty

We mention it a lot because it matters. Trouble free electrical installations mean you know that your equipment will work every time. 

Committed to Our Community

Community members like you support our business and we do what we can to support the Edmonton & St. Albert community back. We are proud to support Santa's Anonymous and other local charities.