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Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm

Fleet GPS Installs Across Western Canada 

Downtime because of a bad GPS tracker install can cost $1,000s in lost revenue. That’s why our team ensures quality installation - done right the first time.

Fleet GPS Install Team

We've installed for every major fleet management company, all across Alberta. When you want expertise & quality workmanship, you want Freeway.

Lifetime Install Warranty

Fleet GPS Installs are covered by our lifetime warranty on installation. Rest assured your install was done to last for years of trouble-free operation.

Years of Fleet Experience

Over our 15+ years working with fleets, we've learned a few things that help our processes go smoother, quicker and cause less downtime for your equipment. 

Travel to You

We know the most cost-effective method to install or repair Fleet GPS units is to travel to the location of the fleet. Anywhere in Western Canada, we're there. 

Evening & Weekends

Circumstances for fleets often dictate off-hours work. We work with the GPS providers and the fleet company to make it work. 

10,000s of GPS Installs

We have installed for every major fleet tracking company, into almost every major fleet across Alberta. Our industry reputation is stellar. 

Advanced GPS Functions

Our team is experienced in setting up advanced tracking functions and sensors. We can also do panic buttons, cameras, and so much more. 



Freeway Automotive was started to exclusively service the GPS Fleet Tracking industry. While our services have grown outside of fleet work, our commitment to being the best fleet GPS install company in Western Canada remains. 

We now install for the industry’s largest providers of Fleet Management & Tracking solutions and have installed over 25,000 GPS units for fleet vehicles across Western Canada. Our original installation team continues to provide high quality installs and continues to lead the pack. 

If you are a fleet management company looking for a trusted GPS install partner, Freeway Automotive wants to be that partner.