Time management, dispatch optimization and efficiency have been some of the key factors influencing municipalities and local government agencies to implement GPS tracking for their fleets.


Agencies are searching for ways to cut costs, improve driver performance and realize ROI.  Spireon’s local fleet solution, VehiclePath, presents a major advantage to fleets averaging 2-100 vehicles because of its comprehensive, affordable tool set that is easy-to-use and provides valuable insight into fleet operations. The VehiclePath GPS tracking solution closely monitors fleets in real time and provides the business intelligence that companies need to make operational adjustments to optimize performance. The use of state-of-the-art GPS fleet tracking technology has made VehiclePath a mainstream solution for municipalities everywhere.


Cutting costs and stretching the budget is a primary focus of local government and municipality fleet managers. VehiclePath GPS tracking will help increase productivity and safety while decreasing the cost of fuel, payroll, and even help in contesting lawsuits. VehiclePath’s real-time monitoring system allows dispatch operators to set up alerts when drivers are traveling over the posted speed limit, identify excessive idling or entering into zones outside of their route.  The information that is tracked can even help fleet managers conform to regulatory requirements.


Because VehiclePath is delivered through a preferred network of top-notch resellers, we are able to provide agencies with local, personalized service and support every-step-of-the-way. With over 1.5 million active devices in the market today, Spireon is the leading machine-to-machine company offering advanced mobile resource management tools to help provide state and municipal supervisors decrease expenses and realize ROI through fleet optimization.

Simply put, VehiclePath GPS fleet tracking is giving officials the ability to account for their assets, and that alone is priceless.