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Our Inhouse GPS

Our Inhouse GPS

We now offer you everything you need to track & monitor your fleet with GPS tracking. From the hardware, installation, training and any ongoing support, you will always get to deal with the same team. Our fleet and asset tracking are ideal for small businesses with small fleets.

We offer tracking at both 1 minute and 2 minute intervals for flexibility with billing either monthly or yearly. Sign up for yearly billing and save 12%.

Introductory Special & Pricing

Freeway Automotive is offering an introductory special to fleet management. We’ll give you a chance to track a unit for 2 months before deciding to start GPS tracking your entire fleet.

Here’s what you get:
• GPS Unit,
• Install,
• 2 months of 2-minute interval tracking

All that for $200+ admin fee. (Save $150). We’ll even remove it for you if you decide to not continue.

Inhouse GPS ProductService Pricing
Inhouse GPS ProductService Pricing
GPS Unit$179.00
1-Minute Interval Tracking (Monthly)$39.95
2-Minute Interval Tracking (Monthly)$29.95
1-Minute Interval Tracking (Yearly)$419.95
Save $60
2-Minute Interval Tracking (Yearly)$309.95
Save $50
Admin Fee (per callout)$100.00
1 Year Warranty (add on to 3 year warranty)$30.00
2 Year Warranty (add on to 3 year warranty)$50.00

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