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Mitch Vegso Freeway Automotive FAE Edmonton

Mitch Vegso – Edmonton Office


‘The Poppa Smurf’ of the GPS industry, specializing in GPS tracking and fleet solutions. Mitch has partnered with today’s best GPS providers and is committed to the highest level of installation standards. With thousands of installs under his own belt, there isn’t a vehicle he can’t recall the wire colors for. His training is exceptional and almost matches his attention to detail. It’s no wonder he’s provided support for GPS installers across North America.

Watch out for the Freeway Dodge Ram cruising around the city and follow him to Freeway Automotive for the lowest prices on automotive electronics – if you can catch him, tell him you read his bio, and he’ll give you a special deal.

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Mandi Sylvester Freeway Automotive FAE Edmonton

Mandi Sylvester – Edmonton Office


Mandi’s the voice on the phone when you call the office. She does it all (dispatch, reception, invoicing, etc.) & keeps us running smoothly. Kind of the “Girl Friday” of Freeway.She has a Zombie plan (because you never know) and loves Tim Horton’s coffee. Just a hint in case you want to stop by our office. So, should you need something you can call Mandi at the office and she will be the one to get you booked in for a GPS, alarm/starter, or anything else you need.

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Andrei Radu Freeway Automotive FAE Edmonton

Andrei Radu – Edmonton Office


A native of Romania, Andrei has had a career around cars since he first arrived in Canada in 2005 and has been working with Mitch and Freeway Automotive since 2011. With a passion for what he does, Andrei is always up-to-date on his install knowledge. Be it a vehicle rolling off the assembly line today or one from 50 years ago, Andrei will install a GPS unit with ease.

When Andrei is not working, you will find him spending time with his three children, playing soccer on his team “FC DACIA” or winning way more hands than he should at poker games.

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Florin Radu Freeway Automotive FAE Edmonton

Florin Radu – Edmonton Office


Florin is also from Romania. In fact Andrei and he are brothers. No one knows which one is actually older but Florin says/thinks it is him. I think his business cards might even have “Big Brother” on them. No matter what you call him, be prepared for some exceptional customer service and GPS installs. Florin stands behind his work – he’s a perfectionist. Sloppy work drives him crazy – he’ll always go the extra mile to make a job look great. Guess that’s why this is his motto:

“Your work reflects who you are”

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Diogie Freeway Automotive Edmonton

D.O.G. (Diogie) – Edmonton Office

We couldn’t get a real panda into Canada as a mascot without going through A LOT of red tape. So instead of having an endangered animal shipped to us, we did the next best thing and adopted a dog from the Edmonton Humaine Society.

So that’s how D.O.G. became part of the Freeway Automotive team. He may not be able to install a GPS but you’ll find him hanging out at the shop or coming on installs with the owner Mitch. Swing by the shop to meet our adopted buddy.

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